2008/07/14 Listener

hear that? I am listening the world

Great Monday, a hury moto to office
New docoration make office looks.... the same -.-
but the new air condition hope works well ^^~~
Many colleagues not in office today,
it seems a little silent , silent make sleeping worm walks..
Hard works make time goes by speedy,
work hard make people exciting,
and work work make engineers so engineered.
Tea time, hard work engineer get a piece of bread
a white bread, no any butter in that... so... clean /_\~
Requirements, as desire, come with human,
make connection between us, though I don't know,
how could you make a hot desire to me ? XD
Lunch is marinated ground pork with rice ,
some hard-boiled egg stewed in soy sauce and also dried beancurd.
Dinner is fish noodles, orz.. how could I eat fish... /_\~
and it really smesll a little sick to me.. faint.. :(
Finish day's job, learn three english classes,
and also hear that colleagues just work out the solution, not bad~
Elish told me that my cat, Nina , is so beautiful~ :>

Suddly, I miss the frineds , AppleYeh,Ethan,Duke,Charles,Gary
and Cindy,YJ,Papacute,windgirl,Princess,LibraCat,Ricky,SheepBrother
oh,many old frineds, colleagues, though we don't work together again,
or never meet again, I will felly happy when your smile appear to me
and the specail girl, littltpei and cmc.

Romance make man more brave,
Wisdom make woman charming.
Fiona said I am a nice talk man,
I smile , but can't agree that.